Widensil C18, 5μm, 4.6×250mm HPLC Analytical Column

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Widensil HPLC column derives its outstanding performance from a special hybrid particle based technique, which coats a unique 5 nm organic/inorganic polymer layer on the silica surface, so that the pH range is extended to 1.0-12.5.
Widensil column is designed for HPLC method development. Regardless of the types of mobile phase or high temperature, Widensil HPLC column always has stable performance and long lifetime

Next generation particle for HPLC Column
• X features of Widensil column
• eXtra pH range: wide pH range from 1.0 to 12.5, excellent peak shape for strong bases
• eXtra column lifetime: 5 times of similar product such as Gemini
• eXtra performance: column efficiency of 5 µm columns is as high as 90,000/m, 2-3 times of that of Xterra
• eXtra care from Labo4u: enjoy excellent pre-sales and after-sales service from Labo4u

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