Coresil C18, 2.7μm, 90Å, 2.1×100mm HPLC Analytical Column
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Labo4u Coresil core-shell HPLC column particle has a size of 2.7 µm, and consists of 1.7 µm solid core and 0.5 µm porous layer(porous shell).
This type of column can provide sub-2 µm efficiencies (~200,000 p/m) and high resolution at much lower back pressure. Coresil core-shell column can be used on both HPLC and UHPLC systems, with straight-forward method optimization process.
• Sub-2 µm efficiencies (~200,000 p/m) and ultra-high resolution at much lower back pressure
• Ultra-fast separation
• Compatible with both HPLC and UHPLC systems
• Narrow particle distribution
• A standard 2 µm inlet frit prevents plugging by dirty samples, suitable for complex sample analysis
• A variety of bonding phases provide choices of different selectivities, while always maintaining excellent peak shape and lot-to-lot reproducibility
• Maximum pressure: 600 bar

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