chromaPureTM, Analytical LC & GC Column

All bonding phases are manufactured in-house. It stands for the silica matrix as well as the subsequent derivatization steps. Since we are in control of the whole manufacturing process, including packing of columns, our column to column reproducibility is extremely high.

Our innovations products generates applications for pharmaceutical, food safety, enviromental, petrochemical, chemical, forensic, bioanalytical, and other industries. We aim for an optimised surface coverage in order to generate products with highest possible chemical stability. For Labo4u analytical column reversed phases the pH stability is in the range of pH 0 to pH 12.

High Performace Liquid Chromtagraphy (HPLC) Column

Our HPLC Columns are based on ultra-pure (purity > 99.999%) spherical and totally porous silica, unique
bonding chemistry and proprietary surface modification techniques, producing excellent peak shape, column efficiency and exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility. Our DEV column kit is the best choice for method development, owing
to complete bonding chemistries and stable performance.  Now we offer servious column brand dedicated for many kind of application:
Extrasil – Widensil – Fivesil – Coresil – Bulkysil

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Gas Chromatography (GC) Column
From fused silica to metal, from PLOT to packed, we offer a wide variety of both general-purpose and application-specific GC columns to analysts around the world.
Our research team develops proprietary stationary phases and optimized GC column chemistries to span the full polarity range, making it easy to select a perfectly matched GC column that helps you run faster and produce outstanding results.

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